Research & Development​

RELIANCE RASAYAN has a separate R&D Centre located at Ahmedabad, INDIA, approximately 7km from International Airport.

We have a dedicated team of scientists working to bring complex molecules with efficient processes to market; develop non-infringing processes; develop cost-effective routes; reduce impurities levels by better process understanding; reduce effluent generation. Our R&D Centre, along with a Pilot Plant and Kilo Lab, has proven its capabilities in carrying out a wide range of reactions.

Custom Synthesis is another area where RELIANCE RASAYAN has been concentrating and is taking up several projects.

We work in close association with clients, under strict confidentiality, to bring products early to market. Under custom synthesis, we offer services and technology to meet customer requirements through established and proven synthesis routes, analytical backup at all stages of the process, etc.

Delivering products with optimum perfection and creating bonds of quality and trust​