CRAMS – Custom Research and Manufacturing Service

Our in-house capacity can provide process development & optimization of the synthesis route and prepare the batch for pilot plant and bulk manufacturing in our GMP facility. 

We have also engaged with third party manufacturer having GMP approved facility for contract manufacturing of the products under strict confidentiality agreement.

The Technology transfer will be done to the manufacturing plant while maintaining the secrecy & confidentiality of the client and product.


You may please send us your enquiries for the requirement of small scale to bulk production of Intermediates & Chemicals enabling us to quote competitive price & lead time.

We are ready to share our scientific knowledge with your technical team and collaborate with you for any new product development phase. We would be highly obliged to be your preferred business partners and keen to have long term & trusted relationship.

  • Alkylation

  • Asymmetric Catalytic Hydrogenation

  • Asymmetric Ketone Reduction

  • Boronic Acid Chemistry

  • Halogenations

  • Catalytic Hydrogenation

  • Chemical Resolution

  • Chiral Synthesis

  • Condensation

  • Oxidation

  • Reduction

  • Diazotization

  • Friedel – Crafts

  • Grignard Reaction

  • Heterocyclic Ring Formation

  • Hoffman Rearrangement

  • Indole Synthesis

  • Isocyanate Synthesis

  • Carbohydrate Chemistry

  • Cyanide Reaction

  • Phase Transfer Reaction

  • Pyridine Chemistry

  • Pyrimidine Synthesis

  • Reductions – BH3, NaBH4, DIBAL

  • Ring Close

  • Suzuki Coupling

  • Swern Oxidation

  • Vilsmeier Reaction

  • Wittig Reaction