API Process Development

We are an ideal contract partner for your API Process Development

We are inspected and Health Department approved, and provides integrated process development, API manufacturing at a single location. We have all the expertise required for developing a process that is robust, transferable, and scalable to meet your requirements.

We bring 30 years of experience to every project and deliver fully integrated solutions with an emphasis on quality, speed, and flexibility.

Our Contract Services include:

Lead Identification for the New molecule

Synthetic Route Development

Feasibility Studies

Process Optimization

Three R&D batches, Scale-up and Troubleshooting

Engineering Batches

cGMP-API Manufacturing

Process Development & Manufacturing Services

Optimization of existing synthetic routes
Development of GMP friendly alternative synthetic routes
Development of IP protected synthetic routes
Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE) for process parameterization and optimization
Development and optimization of purification and isolation methods
Transfer of process into GMP
Polymorphism Study

Reliance Rasayan offers a wide range of high purity Impurity Standards for the pharmaceutical industries on milligram to gram scale at competitive price. We have a technical capability to synthesize, isolate and purify the Impurity Standards to their purest form.

We also offer custom synthesis of impurity compounds as on requests.